Making Buttons From Bead Caps

e mixI made a new mix for the shop using large 5/0 seed beads, aka E beads.  I knew immediately it would be used for a leather wrapped bracelet.

I wanted a button that would coordinate well with the creation in my mind, so I chose a bead cap in blue that matched the mix, and an 8/0 in orange for its center.

I had some cute silver metal bead caps that looked like they could be used for a flower center and used a 2″ long head pin to go first through the orange 8/0, then the silver bead cap, and finally through the center of the blue bead cap I had chosen for my bracelet clasp.  I noticed that the orange bead reflects on the corrugated silver and makes it look like I colored it with inks…but I didn’t.


I made a wrapped loop on the back to thread the leather through, and I was set to play!

wrap orange bluehere

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