2 Hole Button Bead Into a Shank Button

So after yesterday’s idea of making a shank button out of a flower bead cap, I wondered if it would work with a 2-hole cup button.  My results are a little messy (disclaimer, I’m no experienced wire wrapper, I just have IDEAS!) but I believe it would work if I took a little more time.

I started with the cup button and 2 eye pins and some silver 8/0 beads I had on my beading table…yes, I’m a messy beader…cup

I inserted both eye pins with beads into the cup button at the same time and attempted to make a wire wrap on the back.

Grasping both with either needle nose or round nose pliers at one time would have worked better than trying to bend them individually like I did. I did manage to grab both at the 90 degree bend and wrap them around the round nose to form a loop.  Then I wrapped a few times around and cut the ends.

Make sure you re-insert the round nose into both of them when you are tucking the sharp ends in.  You don’t want anyone scratched while wearing whatever you’ll create.cup4a

Last is 2mm leather cord strung successfully through the loop I created on the back.  I’ll remake again when I have more time and show a better finished piece.cup6

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