Playing with Brass Sheet

Disclaimer:  I’m no pro at this…it’s just MY way of doing it.

I’m going to cheat this and time lapse some of it since I just spent the last couple of weeks making copper connectors which you can see here in the shop: here

I’m making brass ones this week (sometimes it takes that long to make a batch, depending on the weather and the finish I want).

I start with brass sheet and cut it into strips as wide as I’d like the connectors to be;DSC_0001-1 and then cut them in lengths so they become bracelet bar size.  Here I have ‘cheated’ and shown brass sheet and strips of copper.

Through the magic of internet and (Claire’s time lapse), I’ve got a bunch of brass connectors filed, edges rounded and smoothed. You can see by the first picture that they start out sharp and pointed.


I use a bastard file for the edges and sometimes my knuckles. It’s very coarse and makes quick work out of rounding the edges.  Then I use fine steel wool to really smooth them out and run it along the sides as well.

Then I get out the ‘big guns’.  My torch and my little spinning tray filled with rocks so I can anneal them to make them soft enough to emboss a design on (sorry, it’s been so long since I have had time to play, I forgot what the rocks are, maybe lava rocks.  I’ll try to post in my Facebook groups and see if someone can tell me.) You can google ‘metal annealing’ or for some great videos…try YouTube.


Tomorrow, I’ll work on embossing them in the machines I have.

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