Color Me Beautiful

So in the previous posts I have cut, smoothed, embossed and cleaned the bracelet bars, readying them for color.  I’m still on the brass pieces by the way, even though they look like copper due to the annealing.

I’ve chosen a few ways to color these pieces..some in a burial of ammonia and kitty litter.  Shot of the bar before being buried with its gravestone marked! LOLDSC_0001Immerse the pieces until covered in a bowl that can be tightly closed to keep from gassing you with the strong ammonia fumes.  I used a toothpick here to mark the spot where I buried one.  Let sit overnight or longer.  I have one that I absolutely love.  Notice how the ammonia burial brought back the yellowing brass color lost in the heating process….DSC_0002and another that I probably will color a little more with another product (bottom connector). DSC_0001-1 It was pretty stubborn so I’m not sure why the one side didn’t want to patina…but this process does what it wants. When it wants…like me. That’s why I like it.

So I decided to try another coloring technique. Alcohol inks. I did one side using 2 colors alcohol and the other side with pool blue pool2 of course, impatiently waiting for them to dry between flipping them over.

After several hours of both sides drying, I used the wet sand paper in a circular motion technique to re-reveal some brass…and here you have them

The next post I will color some using a different medium…until then, start burying your metal!


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