Color Me Beautiful 2

I’ve tried the kitty litter and ammonia coloring technique on brass connectors, and now, I’m using various colorants from Sculpt Nouveau.  I use a stiff, OLD paintbrush to apply the colors.  You can spray it on, but I found the nozzles get clogged, so I now paint it on.

Sorry, the pictures are blurry, but I’m working on getting clear shots while working by myself.  DSC_0003

I started with 3 colors.  You can see that almost immediately the metal changed slightly, and then I let them cure over night to see what they WANTED to do. DSC_0004 Metal does what it wants, when it wants…at least for me. After about an hour the colors were starting to appear more.  The cool thing is the colors run in to each other creating other colors, so you get a sort of gradient effect.


I liked what I got but felt it could use a few more colors, and some areas didn’t take at all.  The real test is when the raised areas are revealed using a very fine grit wet/dry sandpaper. DSC_0006

I added a couple more colors and waited for the magic to happen.

Satisfied that I had some good color, or actually eager to see what I had, I got out the wet/dry sandpaper and a bowl of water with baking soda in it to neutralize the chemicals in the colorants.

Even after sanding, you can always add more color if you haven’t sealed them.  And the color is going to be different wet from dry.  I love these vibrant colors, and hope that the sealant doesn’t dim its light.  Sometimes sealants take away color vibrancy so be prepared for that.

I always wait a couple of days to make sure the underlying layers are completely dry before sealing. I use Everbrite ProtectaClear.  It gives an almost matte finish, very close to the finish you have BEFORE sealing.  I spray a minimum of 4 coats, letting each coat dry 3 or 4 hours (and usually in the sun if weather permits.)  protectaclear

It’s been almost a week-long process and now I photograph and list them in the SupplyEmporium.etsy shop.  The’re over in the shop now, if you’d like to see them individually and up close.  They start at about item 9 in this section Here

I hope you’ve enjoyed the play with color.  Let me know if there is some topic you’d like me to talk about. Until next time, Satisfy Your Creative Mind.

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