Building a Display for Jewelry

I’ve been obsessed lately with making leather wrap bracelets. I have some in a gallery and some I’m starting to bring in to a local co-op here in Boise, so, as with anything new, I needed a special way to display my new creations. I have found that sometimes with the super long wraps, people can’t quite tell what to do with them and sometimes think because of the length they are a necklace….sooooo I designed a display rack to showcase them.20180616_161423

My friend Cher and I were having lunch and I tried to explain what was inside my head using the cocktail sauce container (representing the bracelet holder) and a French Fry (representing a ring holder).  Perfectly clear right…maybe not!

If any of you have heard of Murphy’s Law, it rules my house!  So the first thing I did was gather my supplies to go to the patio to start my masterpiece…but Murphy was watching…I just turned my back on the mess and continued.


I had found some great rustic looking 1×4″ wood planks at Home Depot and immediately knew that was the look I wanted.  

Rustic wood for the display


You’ll need these supplies:

Enough 3/4″ 1×4″ planks (you could use 1/2″ thick and it would work) to cut:

  1. (12) 12″ pieces
  2. (2) 9″ pieces
  3. (2) 6″ pieces

Other supplies you’ll need are:

  • Some bracing wood (like a paint stick size would work). Since the 1x4s are actually 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ you’ll have to cut the braces to size. They are bracing the sides of the risers on your stair steps to keep them in place.  I put them as close to the edge as possible so they could possibly be glued for even more security.
  • Liquid Nails, glue, finishing nails or screws to hold everything together
  • A saw (I’m lucky to have a chop saw so it made it quite easy to make straight cuts)
  • 2″ diameter dowels ( I had figured that I wanted about a 6″ circumference dowel to display the bracelets like they were on a wrist)  Depending on what you want to display, yours may be different. Bring what you want to display with you to try on the dowels.
  • Dowels for your ring holders (you can use a piece of paper or string to measure around your finger, or whatever finger you want to be the SMALLEST size ring you will make. That way you’re assured of all of your rings fitting over the dowel.  Bring that paper or string to the store and fit it over the dowels in the craft section until you find one that fits.

Start with the side pieces:  for each side get (1) 12″ piece, (1) 9″ piece and (1) 6″ piece.  Lay them out making sure the INSIDES of each riser piece are facing UP so you can attach the braces.  Keep in mind that you want all of the pieces for the BACK SIDE to be flush and the other side zigzag for your risers.  Make sure your riser sides are MIRROR IMAGES of each other. Best to lay it out FIRST before bracing than risk ruining your wood by having to take it apart.


Ok, so I’ve got the sides figured out, I’m going to affix them permanently.  I mistakenly bought white Liquid Nails so I will use Elmer’s Glue and finishing nails for this project. Once the braces are dried you can go on to the next step.  I partially nailed finishing nails in the front and back lower pieces to make it easier to nail through the 3/4″ sides of the risers, which I have added drops of glue to along the edges. 20180616_144545

If  you have someone helping you this may not be necessary, but I was alone in this endeavor. Since I wanted the risers hidden if you looked straight on I did it that way


You can see here that I was nailing the 12″ piece to the 3/4″ width of the riser sides
Side view shows riser sides INSIDE of the steps, risers and back pieces.







Now for the fun part! The sauce/french fry for the bracelets/rings.

I had figured that since I was making 4x wrap bracelets and sometimes used larger beads, I wanted a 2″ tall piece to display them on to make it easier for customers to see and to replace when they were done trying them on.

I cut 2″ pieces from the long 2″ diameter dowel and positioned them on my step display. I brought several types of bracelets to play with, and see how they worked with that size cut.  They will be stained to match the steps, and as you can see, there is some touchup needed where the saw roughly cut the edges.20180616_152431

I decided that I wanted the top ones to be independent from the shelf on the top to allow me to put another necklace display or other type of rack on top.  I also wanted to be able to change out the bracelet/ring dowel for a single bracelet dowel.  I won’t always have a ring to match.

Now that I’ve played, I stain the dowels using an old brush.  I patched up the color on the edges and even dry brushed some stain color over the already stained display to blend the colors better.

I then cut a few ring dowels from the small dowel rods I bought.  I won’t do many since I’ve only got one matching ring for now.

Once all of that is complete, I used E6000 glue to adhere the bracelet rings to the bottom 2 shelves.  I had decided on only 3 per shelf to that each bracelet has its own showcase space and won’t be cramped by another one.  Easier for your customers to see them individually.20180621_103843




So here is the little sauce/French fry or bracelet/ring display with a little skull ring and matching bracelet.20180621_154313


I hope this has been helpful and not too confusing.  Send me a message if it’s not clear and I’ll try to help.

Until then…another idea to SATISFY YOUR CREATIVE MIND




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